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Do Muslim clerics supporting AIMIM care about community’s problems?


Abhishek Pandey, Ahmedabad: With the declaration of election dates for the local body polls in Gujarat, political parties are busy making tall claims about their victory in an attempt to woo the voters. But this election is going to be different as perhaps for the first time two other political parties—AIMIM and AAP—are in the fray apart from the BJP and Congress—the two major political fronts in Gujarat.  Muslim clerics supporting AIMIM

Ahead of the polls, the BJP, Congress and AAP are trying to understand the ground realities on one side and working on the booth level to understand the spatial issues and problems of the local residents. On the other hand, Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi’s AIMIM is seen trying to win elections with the help of clerics and ulemas.  Muslim clerics supporting AIMIM

This is so because the AIMIM is yet to form a local body of the party in Gujarat, but its leaders are trying to strengthen their political position by seeking the support of clerics. In such a situation, the question arises whether the clerics of Ahmedabad are concerned only about Owaisi and his party or even about the troubles that Muslims are facing.

With AIMIM entering the political scene of Gujarat, there is a lot of enthusiasm in Muslim youth. Interestingly, around 50 Congress workers left the party to join AIMIM in Aravalli’s Modasa. It holds significance as Owaisi’s party has been able to make a dent in Modasa, which is considered a Congress stronghold.

The Modasa municipality has been under BJP rule for the last 25 years. It has a significant Muslim population. However, this time the Muslim votes are going to be divided into Congress, AIMIM and AAP. As a result, BJP is expected to easily win the election.

There are reports that Asaduddin Owaisi is going to visit Gujarat on February 4. During this visit, he is expected to address a huge public meeting at the Ahmedabad Riverfront. According to information received from party sources, earlier this meeting was going to be held at JP Chowk in the Khanpur area. But the party hopes that a large number of people will be present in it, so now preparations are being made to organise the meeting at the riverfront.  Muslim clerics supporting AIMIM

Not only this, but AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi will also visit Bharuch where his party has decided to contest elections with Chhotu Vasava’s party BTP.
Apart from all these developments, the real game will start at night when Asaduddin Owaisi will meet the ulemas of Gujarat as well as the Congress leaders who are currently unhappy with their party. It is learnt that after the arrival of Owaisi, many veteran Congress leaders can join AIMIM. These seasoned leaders are currently adamant that they will join the party only when Owaisi arrives.  Muslim clerics supporting AIMIM

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According to political experts, there is no political built up regarding AIMIM in Gujarat. Also, leaders depending on whom the party is planning to make inroads in the state are missing in action. But if Asaduddin Owaisi visits Gujarat and addresses public meetings, then it is obvious that he will try to spark his politics only by buoying the religious sentiment of Muslims.

In the current political scenario, it will be interesting to see whether AIMIM’s state president Sabir Kabliwala, who is missing from Jamalpur these days, will be able to make AIMIM a third front or not?  Muslim clerics supporting AIMIM