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Gujarati film director Dushyant Patel’s wife attempts suicide, drinks phenyl


The wife of Gujarati film director Dushyant Patel attempted suicide by drinking phenyl at her home. Dushyant Patel is the director of films like ‘My Dear Babuchak’ and ‘Daav Thai Gayo’.
The Maninagar Police have filed a case against Dushyant Patel, his parents and sister and are investigating the matter. As per case details, Jahanvi, a resident of Suryanagar Society in Maninagar was a drama student when she met Gujarati film director Dushyant Patel in 2017.

They later fell in love and married with their family’s blessings.

Jahanvi and Dushyant got married on July 22, 2019, and was living with his parents in Ranip’s Kalpataru Society. Earlier Dushyant had allegedly told her that he was an occasional drinker.

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But she later realised that he imbibed every day and would come home heavily drunk and pick a fight with her. He would also allegedly beat her.

What triggered the suicide attempt of Dushyant Patel’s wife?

She alleged that her father-in-law is retired army personnel and hence is entitled to a quota of English liquor which Dushyant would drink and then he would fight with her and beat her.

She alleged that her in-laws, as well as sister-in-law, would taunt her for not bringing dowry and that she was with her husband for his money. They would allegedly encourage him to ‘bring her to heel’.

On December 31, 2019, Dushyant again came home drunk and the two fought. He allegedly hit her and thew her out of the house. A similar fight ensued on July 27, 2020, and this time her in-laws also supported Dushyant.

Unable to deal with the situation any more Jahanvi drank phenyl and tried to commit suicide. While under treatment at LG Hospital, Dushyant came and threatened her not to file a complaint.

Jahanvi later filed a complaint against her husband and in-laws Prabhudast Patel, Harsha Patel and sister-in-law Meghna.


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