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DGCA seeks report from Indigo on violation of safety protocols by TV journos


After several videos of media persons openly violating the safety protocols of air travel went viral, the DGCA has sought a report from IndiGo in this regard. The DGCA’s action came in response to a Chandigarh-Mumbai flight in which actor Kangana Ranaut was also travelling.  The actor was sitting in one of the front rows of the Chandigarh-Mumbai flight 6E-264.

In the video, the journalists belonging to television news channels cared the least about privacy and safety protocols. Many were seen shooting in the flight, which is strictly prohibited.  In fact, majority of them did not follow the social distancing guidelines issued by the Union government.

Multiple violations by mediapersons

“We have seen some videos wherein mediapersons are standing too close to each other in the 6E264 flight on Wednesday. It seems to be a violation of safety and social distancing protocols. We have asked IndiGo to submit a report on this incident,” a DGCA official said.

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The DGCA said there are multiple issues involved in the case. The prominent ones include photography on board a flight (violation of Aircraft rules 13), violation of COVID-19 protocols and certain actions falling within the purview of unruly behavior on board. “We have asked IndiGo to take appropriate action against those responsible,” a DGCA official said.

IndiGo blames mediapersons for not following safety instructions

Meanwhile, in a statement, IndiGo said, “We have given our statement to the DGCA regarding the matter pertaining to flight 6E 264 from Chandigarh to Mumbai, on September 9. We would like to reiterate that our cabin crew, as well as the captain followed all the requisite protocols, including announcements to restrict photography, follow social distancing and maintain overall safety,” the airline stated.

IndiGo said it also followed the requisite protocol of documenting this matter in its post-flight report. “We are committed to providing a safe, hassle-free experience to our passengers,” IndiGo said.

Kangana was returning Mumbai after tussle with Maharashtra govt

Kangana Ranaut was travelling from her hometown in Manali to Mumbai on September 9 after making a public announcement that she would be travelling to Mumbai despite “receiving threats” from some political parties.


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