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Devbhumi Dwarka collector violates government diktat on coronavirus scare


At a time when the Gujarat government, as well as the Centre, is taking desperate measures including a lockdown of cities and a complete travel ban to contain the spread of coronavirus, an Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officer deployed in Gujarat has blatantly violated government instructions for protecting citizens from the deadly virus.

Notably, Devbhumi Dwarka collector Narander Kumar Meena has reportedly violated government instructions and performed puja along with his family at Dwarkadhish Temple on March 21 despite a government diktat for all major temples to remain closed due to the coronavirus scare.

Interestingly, the collector had imposed CrPC 144 in the district two days back that restricts the assembly of more than four people.

In a video that has gone viral on the social media, the collector can be seen inside the temple premises with his family and participating in a yajna amid the chants of mantras by priests. This is in gross violation of the government diktat as per which all major temple administrations in the state were asked to close down the respective temples and prohibit the entry of people.

So far, 30 cases of the virus have been reported from Gujarat. Also, an elderly woman has died due to coronavirus in Surat. The government has imposed a lockdown and citizens have been urged not to go outside. The state Assembly has curtained the Budget Session of the Assembly and adjourned the House sine die.

However, the collector seems least bothered about these development and the government guidelines as is reflected from the video. Meanwhile, local residents of the area have criticised the collector for his callous decision to offer prayers in the temple amid the coronavirus scare.