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Delhi workers affected by construction ban to get Rs 5,000: Kejriwal


New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has announced that Rs 5,000 will be deposited in the bank account of construction workers whose income has been affected because of the ban on construction activities. The announcement comes following an SC order in the matter.

“I have given an order today to deposit Rs 5,000 each in bank accounts of construction workers in view of a ban on construction activities due to air pollution. We will also provide compensation to workers for their loss according to their minimum wages,” Kejriwal was quoted as having said on Thursday.

Air pollution in Delhi has been very high in the recent weeks.

The Supreme Court, which has been hearing the matter, has refused to close the case and issue the final order, calling the matter serious.

Earlier, it lashed out at the Centre and state governments for the dipping air quality.

Schools that were reopened after the Covid lockdown were ordered to be closed once again because of the pollution.

The SC also reversed its decision to allow construction activities to resume from November 22 and order reimposition of the ban on construction activities in the NCR as an interim measure to tackle air pollution. “Non-polluting activities relating to construction such as plumbing work, interior decoration, electrical work and carpentry are allowed to be continued. The states shall use the funds which have been collected as labour cess for the welfare of construction workers to provide them subsistence for the period during which construction activities are prohibited and pay wages notified under the Minimum Wages Act for the respective categories of workers,” the SC order read.





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