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Delhi Police gets 14-day custody of 4 terrorists planning blasts across India


A court in Delhi has granted 14-day custody of four suspected terrorists to the Delhi Police. Notably, the Special Cell of the Delhi Police had on Tuesday arrested six terrorists in a multi-state operation. The terrorists, with the support of Pakistan, were planning bomb blasts across India during the upcoming festive season.

“We have got custody of Jaan Mohammad Sheikh (47) alias ‘Sameer’, Osama (22), Moolchand (47) and Mohd Abu Bakar (23). Zeeshan Qamar (28) and Mohd Amir Javed (31), who are presently in Lucknow, will be produced by Wednesday afternoon to decide on their custody,” an official said.

What Delhi Police said

The Delhi Police in a statement said, “Special Cell of Delhi police had received a reliable input from a central agency that a Pakistan-abetted and sponsored group of entities is planning to execute serial IED blasts in India. For this, the group has got multiple IEDs arranged from sources across the border and are at an advanced stage of preparation.”

“Considering the gravity of the situation and stakes involved, a multi-pronged operation was launched and several teams were stationed at Mumbai, Lucknow, Prayagraj, Rae-Bareilly, and Pratapgarh, simultaneously.”

Sheikh and Moolchand, the “underworld component” of the module acting at the behest of Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence, was entrusted with two tasks, the police release said: transportation of arms and explosives and terror-funding through hawala channels. The Pakistan-trained terror component, Osama and Qamar, was tasked with reconnaissance of targets and planting of IEDs.

Training in Pakistan

Upon interrogation of the terrorists, the police found that two of them, Osama alias Sami (22) and Zeeshan Qamar (28) had recently gone to Oman’s Muscat. From there, they were taken to Pakistan on a boat. In Pakistan, they were kept at a farmhouse for around 15 days where they were imparted training in firearms by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence.

According to the police, Pakistan’s intelligence agency was working with the associates of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim to plan attacks during the festival season in Delhi, UP and Maharashtra. A senior police official said that Dawood Ibrahim’s brother Aneesh was hired by the ISI to ensure delivery of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), sophisticated weapons and grenades to different locations across India.

Also, Zeeshan and Osama were instructed to do a recce of the suitable locations in the national capital and Uttar Pradesh where these IEDs can be planted.


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