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Delhi govt blames Centre after Bharat Biotech refuses to supply Covaxin


Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has alleged that Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech that manufactures ‘Covaxin’ has refused to supply the vaccine jabs under instruction from the Union government.

Sisodia said that Bharat Biotech has clarified that it will not be able to supply jabs to the national capital citing that it is making dispatches as per the “directives of the concerned government officials” and due to limited availability and unprecedented demand.

Notably, Delhi had asked for a total of 1.34 crore doses of two COVID vaccines –67 lakh each of Covaxin and Covishield.

Manish Sisodia accuses Centre

Sisodia also raked up the issue on social media. Posting the letter written by Bharat Biotech’s chairman Dr Krishna Ella, the deputy CM tweeted, “Vaccine mismanagement by Centre Gov- Covaxin refuses to supply vaccine citing directives of Gov. & limited availability. Once again I would say exporting 6.6cr doses was the biggest mistake. We are forced to shut down 100 Covaxin-vaccination sites in 17 schools due to no supply.”

In the letter, Ella said, “There has been an unprecedented demand for our vaccine and in spite of increasing production every month, we are unable to keep up with the demand. Further, we are making dispatches as per the directives of the concerned government, officials. We therefore sincerely regret that we cannot make any additional supplies as required by you.”

Bharat Biotech responds

The company responded to the allegations saying that it was “disheartening” that some states were complaining about its intentions.

Bharat Biotech’s co-founder Suchitra Ella tweeted, “Covaxin dispatched 10/5/21.18 states have been covered though in smaller shipments. Quite disheartening to the teams to hear some states complaining about our intentions. 50 of our employees are off work due to Covid, yet we continue to work under pandemic lockdowns 24×7 for you.”

COVID-19 situation in Delhi

Delhi on Wednesday reported 13,287 fresh cases of COVID-19. Also, 300 people succumbed to the viral infection in the past 24 hours. However, the COVID-19 positivity rate is gradually declining. Delhi has reported over 13.5 lakh cases of the viral infection so far and over 20,000 people have died due to it.


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