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Delhi government to install Wi-Fi hotspots for protesting farmers


After extending support to the protesting farmers, the Aam Aadmi Party-led Arvind Kejriwal government has decided to provide them Wi-Fi internet facility on Delhi borders. The decision in this regard was taken after the protestors demanded internet access from the Delhi government.

The AAP government decided to install Wi-Fi hotspots at various spots at the Singhu border. Each Wi-Fi hotspot will cover a radius of 100 metre and provide internet service in the area. The government has promised to install multiple internet hotspots at the Singhu border after the farmers complained of limited internet availability in the area.

The Delhi government had earlier installed mobile toilets for the thousands of protesting farmers while extending support to their demands against the farm laws.

Arvind Kejriwal attacked Centre

Kejriwal had on Sunday attacked the Union government over the three contentious farm laws, saying that only corporates, and not farmers, would be benefitted from them.

Addressing the farmers at ‘Safar-e-Shahadat’ Kirtan Darbar, commemorating the martyrdom of Mata Gujri and the chaar sahibzaadas at Singhu border, Kejriwal had said, “The Centre is not talking about the benefits of the laws to the farmers, all they are saying is it will not cause any harm to them… Only corporates will reap their benefits.”

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He slammed the NDA leaders who have been assuring the farmers that minimum support price (MSP) will not be taken away from the peasants. “They say the laws will not take away farmers’ lands, or MSP. Are these benefits? These were already there. Why have you brought the laws then? Tear and throw it away,” he said.

The Delhi CM added he has not met a single NDA leader who can explain how the agriculture laws can help the farmers.

Kejriwal supports farmers

Arvind Kejriwal has stood in support of farmers from the beginning. When the Delhi Police requested the state government to provide stadiums for arresting and detaining protesting farmers, his government straightaway denied it. He had also gone and met with the protesting farmers. However, the BJP has attacked the Opposition for politicising the issue and misleading the farmers.


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