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Delhi Assembly Election Results: People’s Eye on Muslim Dominated Seats, Which Side Muslims Will Go?


Delhi assembly election trends are gradually coming to the fore. If you consider the initial trend, Kejriwal is seen making a hat-trick in Delhi once again. At the same time, BJP seems to be performing better than in the last assembly elections. The fight is expected to be a bipolar contest between the BJP and the Aam Aadmi Party with the Congress nowhere in the picture. But one of the most important factors in any highly contested election is the Muslim vote. And the Delhi elections are no different. In this report, we shall focus on those constituencies where the fate of the parties is decided by the Muslim vote.

Which way will Muslims go?
Muslim voters in Delhi’s politics are close to 12 percent. Out of the total 70 assembly seats in Delhi, 8 are considered Muslim majority including Ballimaran, Seelampur, Okhla, Mustafabad, Chandni Chowk, Matia Mahal, Babarpur and Kirari seats. These constituencies have 35 to 60 per cent Muslim voters. Muslim voters are also considered very important in Trilokpuri and Seemapuri seats.

Former MLA Parvez Hashmi is in the ground in front of AAP’s sitting MLA Amanatullah Khan in Okhla seat of Delhi. At the same time, BJP has fielded Braham Singh from the constituency. In 2015, the AAP won here. In the initial trend, AAP’s Amanatullah Khan is currently trailing from Okhla.

Matia Mahal:
Shoaib Iqbal from AAP of Matia Mahal seat and M Mirza of Congress are face to face and Ravinder Gupta from BJP is trying his luck. Aseem Ahmed from Aam Aadmi Party won this seat in 2015. Aam Aadmi Party’s Shoaib Iqbal is currently leading.

Imran Hassan is in the fray from AAP in front of Congress’s Haroon Yusuf from Ballimaran seat, while Lata Sodhi is trying luck from BJP. Imran Hassan won from AAP in 2015. AAP’s Imran Hussain is currently leading.

Abdul Rahman of AAP is in the fray against former Congress MLA Mateen Ahmed from Seelampur seat. Here Kaushal Mishra from BJP is in the fray. Here AAP candidate Abdul Rehman wins Seelampur.

Haji Yunus from Aam Aadmi Party is in the fray against Ali Mehndi of Congress from Mustafabad seat. Here BJP’s Jagdish Pradhan is trying his luck. In 2015, BJP won this seat. BJP’s Jagdish Pradhan is currently leading.

Morad Riyazuddin has been fielded by RJD, Congress ally in Kirari assembly seat. At the same time, the Aam Aadmi Party is trying out Anil Jha’s luck from Rituraj Govind and BJP.

Naresh Gaur from BJP, Gopal Rai from Aam Aadmi Party and Anveeksha Dixit from Congress are in the fray in Babarpur assembly seat. In 2015, Gopal Rai was elected MLA from Aam Aadmi Party. AAP’s Gopal Rai is currently leading.

In Delhi, BJP has not fielded a single Muslim candidate. At the same time, five candidates each from the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party have landed in the Muslim field and both the parties have put their bets against each other. Due to this, the contest of these Muslim dominated seats has become quite interesting.