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Delhi Anaj Mandi fire: 43 Lost their Lives After Inhaling Smoke


Delhi: A fire broke out at Anaj Mandi factory building in north Delhi. Where 43 people lost their lives in a fire on Sunday. As the people raised the fire safety alarm the fire tenders were rush to the factory building. While the authorities rushed some of the injured to a nearby hospital and on the other hand many had died after inhaling the smoke.

Officials suspect the death toll may rise. At about five o’clock, a young man named Musa called his brother and said “There is a fire here and there is no way to escape, Take care of people at home and i think i will die today. So come and get my body tomorrow.”

Many questions were raised again over the condition of the building, which was being operated illegally as a factory. It eventually turned out to be the worst blaze in 20 years, exposing the loopholes in terms of city planning and inaction in terms of maintaining fire safety rules in the national capital.

This accident was marked as the worst accident in the Delhi.Many leaders have expressed their grief over the victim. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal had announce the compensation of Rs 10 lakh to the families of the victims.