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Defamation case: Rahul Gandhi exempted from remaining present before the court


A local Court in Ahmedabad on Tuesday exempted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi from court appearance in two defamation cases against him.

The court said that the trial will proceed with lawyers representing Gandhi, though he may be asked to remain present if required.

Advocate Pankaj Champaneri, representing Rahul Gandhi had filed an exemption plea under section 61, 205, 273 and 317 of CrPC to grant such permission based on assurance from the accused.

He also submitted that Rahul Gandhi is a national political leader and should be exempt from remaining present before the court.

Earlier Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was granted bail on a personal bond of Rs15000 in the defamation case filed by the complainant and ex-BJP corporator Krishnavadan Brahmbhatt.

What is the defamation case against Rahul Gandhi?

Krishnavadan Brahmbhatt had filed the defamation complaint against Gandhi in a matter related to the 2019 Loksabha rally in Jabalpur where he made a defamatory statement against Union Home Minister, Amit Shah.

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Another defamation suit was filed by Ajay Patel, chairman, ADC Bank, Naranpura relating to a tweet made by Rahul Gandhi during Demonetisation where he said that ” Amit Shah had won first prize in exchanging old notes into new one and did exchange Rs750 crore in 5 days”.

Patel in his suit said such statements had tarnished the reputation of the banks and hence moved the suit against Gandhi in the metropolitan court.


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