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Cyber Crime: UP labourer in A’bad gets Rs10 cr in his daughter’s account


Baliya (UP): A labourer working in Ahmedabad got the shock of his life when his daughter, back home in UP, informed him that Rs10 crore had been deposited in her account.

The man originally belongs to UP but works in a garage in Ahmedabad and sends money home to his family.
In what is believed to be a very complex case of Cyber Crime, the bank account of Saroj, who belongs to a poor family in Rukanpura village in Baliya taluka of UP had Rs9.9 cr in her account.

How cyber crime came to light

She was informed of the same when she went to the Allahabad Bank to update her passbook. Several transactions have also been carried out from her account.

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She later filed a complaint with the local police. Saroj has not finished school and neither does she work to earn her own money and the family survives on the money sent by her father Subedar Sahni who works in a garage in Ahmedabad.

Saroj in her complaint said that she had opened the account in 2018 and one Nilesh Kumar from Janpadna village had asked her to submit her Aadhar card and photo to get registered for the PM Awas Yojana.

Saroj had sent all the documents for the same to the address mentioned by Nilesh. Saroj had later received an ATM card which Nilesh sought from her. He had also asked her for the PIN which she gave. She said she has no clue about the transactions happening in her account.

After the matter came to light, Nilesh is untraceable and his mobile phone is switched off. Investigations have revealed that the account was opened on August 2, 2018.

Since then Rs1,75,9120 has been deposited up to January 21, 2020, and Rs 1,75,3857 was withdrawn. Later the bank got a tip-off from its Khalilabad Branch that several suspicious online transactions were happening from the account.

As a result, the account was sealed and it was found that by February it had around Rs10 crore.


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