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Crisis of ‘Maha’ Hurricane T20 Match Betwixt India-Bangladesh


Rajkot: Gujarat hurricanes is a major issue in the region of Saurashtra where the people had been alerted. On 7th of November there is first T20 between India and Bangladesh. But the ‘Maha’ hurricane is a major issue in Gujarat.

The second T20 match between India and Bangladesh is scheduled to take place in Rajkot in Saurashtra. The Meteorological Department said that on 6th of November the state may receive the heavy rain. Saurashtra Cricket Association President Jaydev Shah  said that we have already prepared the pitch and it can be covered. Including that, near the cricket ground the sewage system is also proper because of this the rain will not cause any problem in the Test match.

Cricket commentator Harsha Bhogale tweeted, ‘And now, with a game in Rajkot ahead, news of a cyclone on the West coast on Nov 06-07 with a danger alert issued to fishermen on the Saurashtra coast. Hope it isn’t dangerous for the people living there. The weather has been most unpredictable this year.’

It is been reported that the people living in Delhi are facing many problems due to  pollution i.e. eye irritation, facing problem while breathing and other throat problems. But now Delhi has implemented odd-even scheme to control the pollution level. Beside this, Bangladesh had won by 7 wickets in the first T20 in Delhi and had taken a 1-0 lead in the series.