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Crime: Maternal uncle hits, severely injures 9-month old nephew


In a horrific crime incident, a man hit and grievously injured a 9-month old nephew of his while in a fight with his own sister. The man had picked up a fight with his sister who had left her allegedly drunk and abusive husband.

The man wanted her to go back to her abusive husband and they were fighting about it when he ended up accidentally hitting the baby. The child is under treatment at the Civil Hospital.

As per a complaint registered with the Satellite police station, Anita lives at Parasnagar Flats in Satellite road. Two years ago she was married off to one Naresh Solanki and had a nine-month baby from the marriage.

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Some months ago, Anita left her drunkard husband due to his abusive nature and came to live with her parents in Satellite.

How it happened

On Sunday evening, Anita’s husband Naresh came to her house and picked up a fight with her. He wanted her to return to her in-laws’ place. When Anita refused to go, he began to hit her with a stick.

Anita’s father jumped into the fray to save his daughter and Naresh hit the old man too. At that time Anita’s brother Prem who had been out of the house returned.

He too agreed with Naresh that Anita should return to her in-laws’ place. When she refused, Prem got a stick to beat her. Anita moved out of his way in defence and the stick landed on Anita’s 9-month old baby who was in her hand.

The baby suffered severe injuries and was moved to the Civil Hospital while Anita and her injured were taken to Sola Civil for treatment.

The Satellite police has taken note of the crime and registered a case against Prem and others for attacking the trio.


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