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Crime: Employer attacks maid with knife, injures her

  • The accused was angry at the maid as she felt she was shirking work

  • She initially hit the maid and then unable to control her anger took a knife to her

  • The scared maid tried to defend herself and grabbed hold of the blade injuring herself in the process

In a crime incident, a maid has accused her employer of attacking her after she was allegedly dissatisfied with her work. 

The incident happened in Jaydeep Tower in Vasna area. 


The employer was allegedly so enraged that she took a knife to the maid, who ended up getting injured as she tried to defend herself.

As per a complaint filed with Vasna Police, Pritikumari Ram, originally a resident of Bihar, works as a maid at the house of Shantanu Singh. 

Singh lives in Jaydeep Tower in Vasana with his wife Kalyani Devi and mother Sushma Devi.

Priti has been working at the Singh household for the last four years and is an orphan.

What happened

On Sunday at around 10 am, Kalyani got angry with Priti stating that she was not doing her work well. 

She then began to abuse Priti and beat her. 

Priti sustained injuries on her head and waist.

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Despite the abuse, Kalyani Devi could not get control of her anger and took a knife and attacked Priti. 

A desperate Priti grabbed hold of the knife blade and in the process ended up injuring her hand severely. 

She rushed out of the house and the neighbours who heard the commotion helped her. 

They called 108 Ambulance and she was admitted to the Civil Hospital for her injuries.

Vasna police later registered a case against Kalyani Devi. 

It is not known what exactly triggered the woman’s anger so much so that she would attack the maid with a knife.

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