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Covid19 cases in India cross 52,000, death toll at 1,783


The coronavirus cases in the country touched 52,952 as per the latest data released by the ministry of health and family welfare. The death count touched 1,783 too. The rise in the number of cases points out to a 14% jump over the last two days. Maharashtra leads in the number of active cases in the country with the state recording 13,013 such cases. Active cases means the number of deaths and recoveries are not included in the count.

Gujarat has the second highest number of active cases at 4,729 followed by Delhi at 3,925. The top five states in India that have the highest number of active cases account for 75% of all such cases in the country.

Overall the number of total positive cases in Maharashtra was 16,758 cases while the death was 651. In Gujarat, the total number of coronavirus cases now stands at over 7,000 while in Rajasthan it has crossed 3000. Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Surat are among the worst-affected cities in the country due to the disease.

The data shows that the country saw 10,000 fresh cases in the last three days and it took just five days for the Covid19 numbers to move from 30,000 to 40,000.