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COVID vaccination in Gujarat is free at govt hospitals, Rs250 per dose at pvt clinics


The third phase of COVID vaccination which will begin in Gujarat will cover senior citizens above the age of 60 and those above 40 years with severe medical conditions.

Gujarat deputy chief minister Nitin Patel who also has the health portfolio, in a Tweet said that in Gujarat the vaccination will be free at government facilities while a single dose of vaccination will cost Rs250 in approved private clinics.

Patel in the tweet said that the Centre has fixed the per dose COVID vaccine price at Rs150 if it is administered at private hospitals. Patients will also have to pay Rs100 as a processing fee. This means the per-dose vaccine charge will come to Rs250.

He said those who opt for vaccination at government facilities will get it for free.

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The COVID vaccination programme has so far covered health care workers (corona warriors) and frontline workers.

Vaccination payment

Payment for the vaccine will have to be online. Vaccine beneficiaries will be listed in the CO-WIN application and initially, vaccination will be provided at 500 vaccination centres.

A beneficiary can register for vaccination in two ways. The first one is through mobile on which maximum for people can register with one mobile number. Aadhar card, voting card, passport, licence, and pan card are some of the documents that will be accepted as proof for registration.

An onsite (physical) registration facility has also been made available for those who wish to opt for the same. If a person chooses to get vaccinated in private vaccination centres, they will have to pay an Rs100 processing fee and the cost of the vaccine. Online certificates will also be issued for those who get vaccinated.


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