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2 Surat schools closed for a week after 2 Covid cases emerge


Surat: The rise in number of cases of Covid-19 in Gujarat has also exposed children to the risk of infection. Two cases of Covid-19 were detected from two schools in Adajan area of Surat, prompting school and health authorities to take immediate action to prevent further spread.

The two cases were detected at Sanskar Bharti and Riverdale schools.

Following the emergence of the case at Sanskar Bharti, 120 others students were tested for the infection. All of them tested negative.

As per available information, the parents of the class 12 student of Sanskar Bharti were fully vaccinated, raising questions on how the student contracted the infection.

The health department has ordered closure of both schools for a week.

Mass testing at all schools in Athwa zone was also announced on Wednesday.

As many as 61 cases of Covid-19 were reported in Gujarat on Tuesday. Of these, 7 were in Surat city, as per the Covid bulletin issued by the Gujarat government health department.



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