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COVID-19: Centre has no plan to vaccinate every Indian


The Centre has clarified that it has never said that the whole population of India will be immunised with the COVID-19 vaccine. Union health secretary Rajesh Bhushan said there was never a talk about inoculating the whole population of the country with the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I just want to make this clear that the government has never spoken about vaccinating the entire country. It’s important that we discuss such scientific issues, based on factual information only and then analyse it,” said Bhushan.

What ICMR says?

ICMR director general Balram Bhargava said the purpose of the COVID-19 vaccine drive would be to break the chain of viral transmission.

“Our purpose is to break the chain of virus transmission. If we are able to vaccinate a critical mass of people and break the chain of transmission, then we may not have to vaccinate the entire population,” he said.

“The role of masks is also vitally important and that will continue even after the vaccination. Because we are starting with a small group of population at a time and therefore masks will be protective and continue to be used so as to help in breaking the chain of viral transmission,” Bhargava said.

Nearly 95 lakh COVID-19 cases

Meanwhile, the health ministry on Wednesday informed that 36,604 fresh cases of COVID-19 have been reported in India in the past 24 hours. The addition of the fresh cases has taken the COVID-19 case tally to 94.99 lakh.

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So far, the biggest single-day surge of 97,894 COVID-19 cases was reported in India on September 17. The second-highest surge of 97,570 COVID-19 cases was recorded on September 12. It is followed by 96,551 cases reported on September 11.

Notably, India has already surpassed Brazil in terms of cases. It is now the second-worst hit nation due to the coronavirus pandemic after the US.

1.38 lakh deaths due to COVID-19

Also, 501 COVID-19 related deaths were reported by the ministry during this period. The addition of the fresh fatalities has taken India’s death toll due to the deadly virus to 1,38,122.

Previously, the death toll had crossed the 1,200-mark on September 16.

Similarly, the biggest surge of over 97,894 cases was reported on September 17.

89.32 lakh patients recovered

Of the 94.99 lakh coronavirus cases reported so far, over 4.28 lakh are active cases of the virus. It is below 5 per cent of the total caseload. Interestingly, 89.32 lakh cases have recovered from the viral infection so far.


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