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COVID-19 vaccine will be ready within a few weeks, says PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said frontline healthcare workers, the elderly and those suffering from life-threatening symptoms and diseases will be among the first to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

PM Modi said this during an all-party meeting organised to discuss India’s strategy for COVID-19 vaccination and the current situation of the pandemic. The meeting was attended by 12 leaders from various prominent political parties including Congress, TMC and NCP.

The prime minister said, “Experts expect that the vaccine will be ready within the next few weeks itself. Once scientists approve it, the nation-wide vaccination drive will be started in India. Our scientists are very confident of succeeding in their endeavour of making COVID-19 vaccine. The world is keeping a watch on the cheapest and safe vaccine.”

He said India’s vaccination programme will be rolled as soon as the scientists give a go-ahead.

The PM added, “The vaccine distribution and administration is given to a national experts group. Advice will be taken from them on a comprehensive and real-time manner. India has the facilities needed to manufacture the vaccine on a large scale. In fact, our preparation is better than most others.”

Notably, PM Modi had visited various vaccine manufacturing centres last week for reviewing the vaccine development and manufacturing process.

“Nearly eight vaccines are on other stages of trial with their manufacturing assured in India. Three coronavirus vaccines from India is at different stages of testing. Experts think that the vaccine isn’t too far away. In the next few weeks, a coronavirus vaccine could be ready for India,” PM Modi said.

India’s COVID tally nearing 1 crore

The health ministry on Friday informed that 36,595 fresh cases of COVID-19 have been reported in India in the past 24 hours. The addition of the fresh cases has taken the COVID-19 case tally to 95.71 lakh.

So far, the biggest single-day surge of 97,894 COVID-19 cases was reported in India on September 17. The second-highest surge of 97,570 COVID-19 cases was recorded on September 12. It is followed by 96,551 cases reported on September 11.

Notably, India has already surpassed Brazil in terms of cases. It is now the second-worst hit nation due to the coronavirus pandemic after the US.

1.39 lakh deaths due to COVID-19

Also, 540 COVID-19 related deaths were reported by the ministry during this period. The addition of the fresh fatalities has taken India’s death toll due to the deadly virus to 1,39,188.

Previously, the death toll had crossed the 1,200-mark on September 16.

Similarly, the biggest surge of over 97,894 cases was reported on September 17.


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