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COVID-19: Soni Bazaar in Rajkot to be closed for a week


The Soni Bazaar (jeweller’s market) in Rajkot will be shut from September 12 to 19 because of the rising COVID-19 cases in the city. On Thursday, two more jewellers succumbed to the illness creating panic among the community. 

In all, the city has recorded 108 deaths due to the disease while the overall cases in the district stand at 6,100. Earlier well-known jeweller Harish Saholiya and his wife Hansaben had succumbed to the illness. On Thursday two more jewellers- Haresh Adesara and Giriraj – succumbed to the disease.


The association has decided to shut the market for a week to help prevent the spread of the disease. Earlier 154 cases were recorded in a day with the city alone accounting for over 4,000 cases so far since the pandemic began. The district accounted for 2,000 cases taking the total past 6,000.

Earlier Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said that the high number of mortality in Rajkot being recorded was not due to COVID-19 alone but due to the other comorbid conditions which complicated the recovery of patients. 

He said 70% of the recorded fatalities had other comorbid conditions.

Kamalam is the epicentre of COVID-19: Cong MLA Imran Khedawala

Congress MLA Imran Khedawala blamed the BJP’s penchant for putting politics above everything else as the reason for the rise in COVID-19 cases. Khedawala said that in April when he was diagnosed with the disease it was because he had contracted it while working among the people. 

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“But now the spread we are seeing, including among top BJP leaders, is because they collected a crowd for rallies and such. At a time when such crowds should be avoided, the BJP leaders need to put politics before the health of the state is what has led to the current situation,” said Khedawala. 

 He said at a time when the government does not allow large gatherings it begs the question why big rallies of the BJP were allowed in the state. He said the state was quick to fine people who were not wearing masks but BJP rallies continued to break all COVID-19 norms. 

He also questioned that given the number of cases detected at Kamlam, why should the BJP’s office in Gandhinagar not be called an epicentre of the disease.

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