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COVID-19 positive patient escapes quarantine facility at Samras Hostel


Another case of a COVID-19 patient escaping from a quarantine facility has come to the fore in Ahmedabad. This time, the patient escaped from the Samras Hostel in Gujarat University campus, which has been turned into a COVID-19 care centre.

The patient had been brought to the facility three days ago after he tested positive. A routine visit of the officials late at night made them realise that one patient was missing. The in-charge doctor has filed a complaint with the Gujarat University police station. Police are now looking for the absconding patient.

Local media reports said that the patient was a resident of Garibnagar crossroads in Bapunagar and had tested positive for the disease on May 26. He had been put in the Block B quarantine facility at the hostel. On Thursday night the in-charge doctor was carrying out a routine visit of the patients when it was found that the patient was missing from his room. A search of the premises also did not yield any result. The incident has also raised questions about the security being put in place at such a facility.

This is the second instance of a patient escaping a COVID-19 facility. Earlier, a patient admitted to SVP, who had also tested positive, had escaped from the hospital. He had later returned to the hospital on his own.