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COVID-19 patient dies, civil hospital tells family she is recovering!


The Civil Hospital in Surat called up a man to inform him that his mother who succumbed to COVID-19 was on the mend!

Rukma Suryavanshi, a resident of Bamroli in Surat was moved to the Civil Hospital on July 18. 


She had COVID-19 symptoms and later tested positive for the disease.

She was shifted to G-19 ward in New Civil Hospital.

On July 20, the Civil Hospital hospital called Rukma’s son Pawan stating her condition had deteriorated. 

On reaching the hospital, Pawan was told his mother had passed away.

Later on July 30, the control room at the hospital called Pawan again to inform him that his mother’s condition was improving. 

The caller further said she was under regular medication and that efforts are on to ensure she recovers.

In-charge Superintendent Dr Ragini Verma said it was an unfortunate incident. 

“We will order an inquiry into it. We will ensure the family gets answers,” said Dr Verma.

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How the conversation went

Civil Control Room (CCR): Namaste. I am calling from the control room of Civil Hospital

Pawan: Yes

CCR: Are you a relative of Rukam Suryavanshi?

Pawan: Yes, I am her son.

CCR: Can you identify yourself?

Pawan: I am Pawan Suryavanshi

CCR: Thanks, Pawan

Pawan: Ok

CCR: We have called to inform you about your mother’s condition. She was admitted to Civil Hospital

Pawan: Yes.

CCR: She is doing fine and is stable. She is under constant medication and we are doing our best to ensure she recovers. Are you in touch with her?

Pawan: Sir, who gave you this information?

CCR: What?

Pawan: Who gave you information about Rukmaben?

CCR: The Civil Hospital

Pawan: Please cross-check the information. It has been 11 days since my mother left us.

CCR: What are you saying?

Pawan: Yes

CCR: Really! Very sorry.

Pawan: Please inquire once again and let me know

CCR: Sure, Sure 100%. Really Sorry

Pawan: Ok

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