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COVID-19:  India’s total tally touches 1,071, death toll cross 30


The Ministry of Health has informed that the total number of coronavirus positive cases in the country has increased to 1,071 till 10.30 am on Monday. The figure was 979 till 10 am on Sunday and 873 till 9.30 am on Saturday. The figure is expected to rise rapidly as fresh cases of the deadly virus, especially cases of local transmission, are being reported from across the country.

The death toll due to the virus that had increased from 20 on Saturday to 26 on Sunday has now touched 31 as more deaths were reported from Gujarat, West Bengal, and Maharashtra.

A major cause of concern for the Centre and the state governments is the fact that several cases of local transmissions are being reported, which means that the virus has already entered the native population and is no longer confined to passengers coming from abroad.

As per the state-wise breakup provided by the Health Ministry, Kerala is the worst affected state with over 194 confirmed cases of the virus followed by the western state of Maharashtra that has reported 193cases. Maharashtra has also reported eight deaths due to the virus so far, whereas Kerala has reported only one death.

Karnataka has reported 80 cases of the virus followed by Uttar Pradesh with 75 cases. Telangana and Gujarat have each reported 69 cases of the virus. Rajasthan has reported 57 cases followed by Delhi with 53 cases, Tamil Nadu with 50 cases, Punjab 38 cases, Haryana 33 cases, and Madhya Pradesh 33 cases. Jammu and Kashmir has reported 31 cases followed by West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh with 19 cases each. Ladakh has reported 13 cases followed by Bihar with 11 cases.

All other states and union territories have reported confirmed coronavirus cases in single digits. Out of the total confirmed cases, 100 persons have been cured, the health ministry said.

Notably, like Maharashtra, fresh cases of coronavirus are pouring in in the neighbouring state Gujarat, with several of them being cases of local transmissions—a major cause of concern for the state administration. This apart, Gujarat has so far reported six deaths due to the virus—a 67-year-old woman succumbed to the virus in Surat, an 85-year-old woman along with a 46-year-old woman and a 45-year-old man died in Ahmedabad, and a 70-year-old man and a 45-yar-old woman died at Bhavnagar.

As far as deaths are concerned, apart from the eight deaths in Maharashtra, six deaths in Gujarat, two deaths in Madhya Pradesh, two deaths in Delhi, two deaths in Jammu and Kashmir, two deaths in West Bengal, and three deaths in Karnataka, death due to coronavirus has been also reported from Bihar, Punjab, Kerala, Telangana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Tamil Nadu.

Meanwhile, the entire country has been put under lockdown by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for 21 days starting March 25. During this period, there will be a complete ban on the movement of people outside their homes and no public or private transportation will be available. The government, however, has assured that emergency services such as milk, grocery, vegetables, fruits, medical stores, hospitals, ambulance services, and clinics will continue to function.

Despite the assurance, people were seen indulging in panic buying after PM Modi announced the lockdown. Meanwhile, the Health Ministry informed that 15.24 lakh passengers had been screened at the airports till Tuesday, post which flight services were completely suspended in the country.

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