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COVID-19: India’s tally touches 8,356, death toll at 273


The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in India breached the 8,000-mark on Sunday, with the death toll due to the deadly virus slowly moving towards the 300-mark.

The Union Health Ministry has informed that 909 new cases of the virus were reported in the past 24 hours taking the case tally to 8,356. Similarly, 34 deaths were reported in the past 24 hours that have taken the death toll to 273.

The ministry’s data also provides that 7,367 cases of the virus are currently being treated, whereas 715 cases have been cured or discharged and one person who tested positive for the virus has migrated.

As far as the case burden is concerned, the highest number of cases in the country has been reported from Maharashtra. The western state reported 1,761 cases of the virus. Also, the state has reported the most number of deaths due to COVID-19, with the death toll of 127.

Delhi has reported 1,069 cases and 19 deaths, followed by Tamil Nadu with 969 cases and 10 deaths. Rajasthan has reported 700 cases and Madhya Pradesh has reported 532 cases with 36 deaths—the second-highest death toll in the country after Maharashtra.

Telangana is closely following Madhya Pradesh with 504 cases and nine deaths, Uttar Pradesh has reported 452 cases, Gujarat has reported 432 cases and 22 deaths, Andhra Pradesh has reported 381 cases, Kerala has reported 364 cases, and Karnataka has reported 214 cases.

Jammu and Kashmir has reported 207 cases, Haryana has reported 177 cases, Punjab has reported 151 cases, and West Bengal has reported 126 cases.

Meanwhile, several states in India like Maharashtra, Odisha, and Punjab have already extended the 21-day lockdown which was scheduled to end on Tuesday (April 14). The Centre is also likely to make an announcement in this regard after chief ministers of several states requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to extend the lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus. The states have reportedly told the PM that they do not have the massive resources required to contain the virus if the lockdown is lifted.

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