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Coronavirus Outbreak: China Confirms 636 Deaths So Far


The outbreak of Corona virus has spread all over the world including China. The rising number of deaths from corona in China has raised concern worldwide. The death toll from the novel corona virus in china had jumped to 636 on Friday with 31,161 infected. Out of the total rise in the toll central Hubei province the epicenter of the outbreak reported 69 deaths, including 64 in the provincial capital Wuhan. Many countries of the world have stopped flights to China, while many countries are trying to airlift and evacuate their citizens from China.

1540 patients discharged from hospital
There was some relief news for China that a total of 1,540 patients of Corona were discharged from the hospital on Thursday. A 1,500-bed hospital in China was ready on Thursday. Earlier, a hospital with 1000 beds was built within 10 days in Wuhan.

Alert in India
India has taken strict steps regarding the corona virus. All VISA issued before 5 February to Chinese citizens from any corner of the world have been suspended. This includes regular (sticker) and e-visa. However, Chinese passport holders from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are exempted.

Trump will compete with China against Corona virus
who once fought for trade have now stood together to fight against the Corona virus. US President Donald Trump said that Corona virus is spreading infection to all over the world including America and India. In such a situation, we stand with China to fight against the corona virus. Will compete with China on Corona.

Corona havoc in these countries of the world
In more than 20 countries of the world, Corona has spread its foot. So far outside China, two people died in two countries. One has died in the Philippines and the other in Hong Kong. Countries affected by Corona include the United States, Japan and Vietnam. Apart from this, 17 confirmed cases of corona virus have been reported in Hong Kong, while 7 suspects have been found in Thailand.