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Corona Virus: People in Hubei, China Had Stopped Moving Out


Corona virus panic in China is not taking its name. Death toll has reached beyond 1700. Meanwhile, during the ongoing war against Corona, China has taken a big step and has imposed strict restrictions on the activities of the people in its Hubei province. Six crore people have been asked to leave the house only if there is an emergency. In addition, an indefinite ban has been imposed on the use of private cars.

Hubei and Wuhan cities have been affected the most due to Corona virus, in which 1,665 people have lost their lives so far. Talking about the latest figures, the total number of deaths has reached 1,765. However, China has announced that for the third consecutive day, new cases of corona virus have been registered and it is preventing it from spreading. China has banned the exit from everyone’s home. Also, in one day, only one person has been given permission to bring essential goods for there home.

What are the restrictions in China

At the same time, orders have been given to close all the shops apart from medicines, hotels, food shops and health services. Apart from the delivery of goods, all types of cars have been banned. Rajdhani People coming to Beijing have been asked to remain in seclusion under medical supervision for 14 days, failing which there is a provision for punishment. China’s central bank has decided to disinfect the notes used to prevent the spread of the virus.

How many new cases of corona virus came

On Sunday, the administration said that 2009 new cases had come which were 2641 on Saturday. Earlier, there were 5090 new cases. So far, 68,500 people have been infected with the Corona virus in China. On the lack of new cases, China National Health Commission spokesman Mei Feng has said that this figure shows China’s efforts to control the virus.