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Corona Virus: Death Toll from China Jumps to 1,800, 200 Indians Evacuated from Wuhan


In China, the outbreak of the corona virus is increasing continuously and the number of people who die due to infection with this virus is increasing continuously. Corona (COVID-19) affected 31 provinces in China. Among them, the infection is spreading in Wuhan city of Hubei province. So far more than 1800 people have died of corona in China, while some people have also been discharged from hospital after treatment. Although it is being told that this figure is official, while the number of people affected by it is much higher than this.

More than 71000 confirmed cases

Corona, which started from China has spread to 28 countries of the world. According to the news agency Xinhua, 98 more people died in China and the total confirmed cases have reached 71,336 worldwide. However, some people are getting discharged after treatment. So far, 12,921 people have been discharged from the hospital after treatment, of which 11,145 people in China have recovered after treatment. Due to Corona, the condition of 11,298 people across the world remains critical. Of these, the condition of 11,272 people in China alone remains critical.

200 Indians returned from China got leave

India is protected from the outbreak of Corona virus. More than half of the prevented people have been asked to leave the camp at the ITBP camp at Chawla in Delhi. The medical team also gave a health certificate to stop people and said that now you are free to go. The Government of India airlifted 650 Indians and 7 citizens to Maldives from Wuhan city of China. A camp was prepared for 409 of them at Chawla, where they were being monitored. About 200 people were found fine on Monday and were told that they could go now. Many students, yoga instructors, businessmen and professors are also among the people discharged from the camp.

6 Indians infected on Japanese cruise

 On the other hand, 6 Indians among those stranded on the cruise diamond princess standing on the coast of Japan have also been found infected with the corona virus. A statement issued by the Indian Embassy said that 4 Indian crew members suffering from Corona virus are under treatment and their condition is stable. The Indian embassy had tweeted and informed that the final investigation for COVID-19 on the ship will begin on February 17 and will last for several days.