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Constitution in Hand and Waris Pathan in Their Heart: BJP Sambit Patra Slams ‘So-Called Liberals’


AIMIM leader Waris Pathan has provoked a strong attack on the provocative statement. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra has said that politics of hatred is taking place during protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Patra on Friday questioned the silence of congress leaders Rahul and Priyanka and among others and said all these “so-called liberals” have been unmasked as they carry the constitution in their hands and have Waris Pathan in their hearts.

It is known that Waris Pathan gave a controversial statement against the Citizenship Amendment Act during a public meeting in Gulbarga, Karnataka. He said, “Now time has come, we are told that we have sent our mothers and sisters in the front and were sitting covered in blankets… Only our lionesses have come out till now and you are already sweating. Understand what will happen if we come together. (We may be) 15 crore, but are heavy on 100 (crore), remember it.” After which he was criticized, Asaduddin Owaisi also condemned this statement and ban Waris Pathan from talking to the media.

Sambit Patra said, “Mic was snatched away from the slogan of Pakistan Zindabad but why the mic was not snatched on the speech of Waris Pathan, while Owaisi himself was present on the stage at that time. , “When the same is taught backstage, sometimes reality comes out ahead of the stage as well. When they talk of giving oxygen to Pakistan behind the stage and drama of upholding the Constitution and the tricolour on the stage are enacted, then often the reality comes out of the mouth.”

During a press conference at the BJP office in Delhi, Patra asked, ‘Tell us what freedom you want.’ “Owaisi’s party has said that 15 crore will overshadow 100 crore. If a BJP leader had made such a statement, today all the so-called liberals would have hit the road, creating chaos in the whole country. But not a single one is coming up today, not a single question is being asked.”