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Congressmen Came Out to Besiege the Assembly, After Water Canon of the Police


Gandhinagar: Before the commencement of the winter session of Gujarat Vidhan Sabha, Congress leaders have set out to encircle the Assembly by organizing a protest in Satyagraha Cantonment. Congress leaders are shouting slogans demanding for the different issues. Leader of the Opposition in Gujarat Assembly Paresh Dhanani said that this is not a fight for power and the chair but a fight to protest against the farmers, youth, unemployed, examination disturbances.

The Congress has not given permission to the Congress to go towards the Assembly, despite this the Congressmen are traveling. Congress workers have reached Gandhinagar from different corners of Gujarat to make the Congress assembly siege a success.

Congress attack
Addressing the people in the Satyagraha Cantonment, Gujarat Congress President Amit Chavda said that in the name of examination they are playing with the future of youth. Therefore, we are going to besiege the assembly to demand to cancel the exam. With the demand of providing security to the women of Gujarat, it has been decided to surround the assembly with many similar demands.

The winter session start but many Congress MLAs did not reach the assembly due to protests.

-Police is keeping an eye on the rally with CCTV.

-Police are taking action at the behest of the government, tearing down the clothes of the activist, Amit Chawda

-8 to 10 vehicles have been filled by the Congress workers by the police

-Gandhinagar SP Mayur Chawda’s statement that the Congress workers were stoning.

-Police are constantly trying to stop the Congress worker by doing water canon

-Congress leaders and activists are protesting on the way of police action.

-Former president Arjun Modhwadia said the attack was being carried out at the behest of the state government.

-Gujarat Congress president Amit Chawda’s torn cloth protesting. Yet the protests continued.

-Congress workers are protesting anti-government slogans.

-Gujarat Congress president is protesting while sitting on the ground.

-Congress workers are into custody soon.

-Confrontation between police and Congress workers.

-Congress workers started stone pelting and broke the glass of police car

-Police arrested Gujarat Congress President Amit Chavda

-After the water canon of the police, the Congress assembly is back on the plan of encirclement.

-Police fail to make Congress assembly