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Congress leaders protest in Gandhinagar in support of agitating farmers


The Gujarat Congress on Sunday staged a protest at Gandhinagar’s Sector-6 against the contentious farm laws recently enacted by the Centre. All India Congress Committee’s Gujarat in-charge Rajiv Satav and party leaders Amit Chavda and Hardik Patel took part in the protest along with party MLAs.

Notably, the party had earlier protested against the farm laws in Ahmedabad. However, the protest resulted in a major embarrassment for Congress because of a poor turnout of supporters.

During the protest, Rajiv Satav said that the Congress will support the nationwide strike called by the protesting farmers on Tuesday—a stand already clarified by the party’s high command.

Congress extends support to farmers’ protest

Meanwhile, the Congress leadership on Sunday clarified that it will hold protests at state and district headquarters on December 8 in support of the demands raised by the farmers.

Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera, while addressing the media, said, “I would also like to announce that the Congress party extends its whole-hearted support to the Bharat Bandh on December 8.” Khera said Congress MP Rahul Gandhi through his signature campaigns, tractor rallies and Kisaan rallies had raked up the issue.

“All our district headquarters and Pradesh headquarters will participate in this bandh. They will hold demonstrations and ensure that the bandh is successful,” Khera said.

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“The entire world is witnessing the plight of our farmers. The entire world is seeing the horrible sight of farmers sitting outside the capital in the middle of the night in winters waiting for the government to listen to them,” he said.

Congress questions govt’s hurry

The Congress spokesperson slammed the government for bringing the new farm laws and asked what was the hurry in enacting the legislations.

“In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government in June surreptitiously brings ordinances, what was the hurry, the entire country was focussed on the fallout of COVID-19, the economic, social, health fallout, but the government was busy surreptitiously bringing ordinances to help its industrialist-corporate friends,” Khera alleged.

“Where was the need to bring these legislations so fast, you suspended the opposition parties from Parliament, you did not follow parliamentary procedure and hurried through the passing of the bills, why was the hurry,” he said.

Farmers not taken into confidence

Khera alleged that the government did not take the farmers into confidence and was now “hiding behind” the interest of the farmers.

“If you were really bothered about the interest of the farmers, you would have taken their advice before coming up with these legislations,” he said.

“What we are seeing today is the result of a conspiracy between the government and its corporate friends, wherein the victim would be the farmer, and the farmer knows this,” Khera claimed.

Talks between the government and protesting farmers remained inconclusive on Saturday even after five rounds of discussions as union leaders stuck to their demand for the repeal of the new farm laws and went on a ‘maun vrat’ seeking a clear ‘yes or no’ reply, forcing the Centre to call for another meeting on December 9 to resolve the deadlock.


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