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Congress manages to win mayoral election in Om Birla’s bastion


Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla suffered a rude jolt when the BJP failed to win the mayoral election in Kota South.

In the municipal elections for the two corporations in the education city, the Congress won a majority in Kota North. However, in Kota South, there was a tie between the Congress and the BJP with 36 winners each. The tie meant that for the election for the mayor’s post, the votes of the independents’ became crucial.

Congress managed to win

In such a situation, the Congress managed to ensure cross-voting in its favour which enabled the party’s candidate Rajiv Agarwal to secure 41 votes against BJP’s Vivek Rajvanshi. The latter could secure only 39 votes. The cross-voting indicate that the Om Birla group failed to get the support of the independents.

Manju Mehra of the Congress won the Kota North mayoral election securing 50 votes against her BJP rival, Santosh Berwa, who secured only 19 votes.

Jolt for Om Birla

The victory of the Congress candidate in Kota South, which is the stronghold of the Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, is a blow to the BJP as Kota is considered a bastion of the saffron party. But because of urban development minister Shanti Dhariwal, the Congress overwhelmingly did well to cut BJP votes and win 36 wards.

Largely because of Dhariwal’s efforts, the Congress could get the support of the independents to ensure the victory of Rajiv Agarwal.

Clash between Congress & BJP

There were clashes between the Congress and the BJP on the issue of the independents voting for the Congress.

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The police resorted to lathi-charge in which about half a dozen Congress workers were injured.

Results on expected lines in Jodhpur

In Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s hometown Jodhpur, the results were on the expected lines. While the BJP’s Vanita Seth won the mayor’s election in Jodhpur South, the Congress candidate Kunti Parihar won from Jodhpur North by a margin of 42 votes, defeating BJP’s Sangeeta Solanki.

Vanita Seth defeated her BJP rival by 10 votes, though the BJP had 46 votes, but Vanita could poll only 45 votes. The Congress candidate polled 35 votes.

Results in Jaipur

In the elections for the two municipal corporations’ mayors in Jaipur, the honours were shared. The Congress mayoral candidate in Jaipur Heritage, Munesh Gujjar, won. Out of the 100 votes of the corporators, Gujjar secured 56 votes, while the BJP candidate Kusum Yadav got 44 votes.

Saumya Gujjar, a PhD became the mayor of Jaipur Greater. Out of the 150 councillors votes, Gujjar defeated the Congress candidate Divya Gujjar by 44 votes.

Now, the elections for the deputy mayors will be held.


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