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Congress launches scathing attack on Gujarat govt for failure to contain COVID-19


The Congress party has launched a scathing attack on the ruling BJP government in Gujarat for its failure to contain the spread of coronavirus in the state. In a series of tweets with the hashtag #BJPdestroysGujarat, the grand old party remarked that with every failure that comes to light in Gujarat, people are “reminded of the farce that was ‘Gujarat Model of Development’”.

Notably, the Congress party, which is in power in the neighbouring state of Rajasthan, also tweeted about the comparisons of the health infrastructure in both states.

According to one the Congress’ tweets, there are 1,408 hospitals, 3,243 ICU beds, and 1,622 ventilators in Gujarat as compared to 5,644 hospitals, 4,659 ICU beds, and 2,329 ventilators in Rajasthan.

It also claimed that BJP either does not understand the importance of testing or continues to be ignorant. But in either case, it is the citizens who have to suffer. The grand old party also compared the COVID-19 tests being done per million of population. As per the tweet, Rajasthan stands at 822.4 tests per million whereas Gujarat stands at 654.1 per million.

Congress also cited the Gujarat government’s failure in containing the COVID-19 crisis by claiming that the state has one of the highest death rate of 4.26 per cent and has the worst recovery rate of 9.8 per cent in the country.

It also suggested that increasing testing facilities and carrying out more and more tests are the only way to identify the spread of coronavirus and combat it.

Following the tweets, #BJPdestroysGujarat started trending on Twitter.

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