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Congress corporator Satish Patel absconds after agent caught taking bribe

  • Congress corporator and his men demanded money for regularising illegal construction
  • They demanded Rs20,000 but later agreed to accept Rs15,000
  • The middleman was nabbed red-handed, but the corporator is absconding

A middleman of a Congress corporator Satish Patel was nabbed by the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) in Surat for accepting a bribe to get an illegal construction regularised. The corporator is, however, absconding.

The Surat Municipal Corporation has a budget of Rs 6000 crore every year and a substantial part of it goes towards the salary of staff and corporators. Yet, demanding a bribe seems to be the norm.


This particular incident came to light after a person approached the ACB complaining about the alleged bribe demanded by Satish Patel and his men.

How trap was laid

The complainant said that his friend was constructing a house when he was informed that some part of it was illegal and he will need to grease some palms if he wants to get it approved. He said his friend was threatened by corporator Satish Patel and his middleman Abhiraj who said they would get the SMC to demolish the ‘illegal’ structure if they were not paid money.

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They had demanded Rs20,000 as a bribe for the same but later agreed to go with Rs15,000 following negotiations. The complainant then approached the ACB who laid a trap for the duo.

Abhiraj, the middleman, was nabbed red-handed while accepting the bribe. When a team went to arrest Congress corporator Satish Patel, he had already fled his home.

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