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Cong MLA targets her own party on bus row as ‘cruel joke’, praises Yogi


Rebel Congress MLA from Raebareily, Aditi Singh, who was earlier known to be close to the Gandhi family, has once again targeted her own party over the bus row in Uttar Pradesh. Aditi Singh has said most of the buses that were supposed to be sent for the migrant labourers are smaller vehicles and asked what cruel joke is this.

In a tweet, Congress MLA Aditi Singh has said, “What is the need for such a low level of politics at the time of a disaster. A list of 1,000 buses was sent and more than half of the registration numbers were fake, 297 were junk buses, 98 were autorickshaws and vehicles like ambulance, 68 vehicles were without any papers. What cruel joke is this? If there were buses then why did you not send them to Rajasthan, Punjab, and Maharashtra?”

Adding fuel to the controversy, Congress MLA Aditi Singh also said, “Where were the so-called buses when thousands of children from UP were stranded in Kota, then the Congress government could not leave these children at home, could not even leave them at the border. Then Shri Yogi Adityanath ji spent the night to bring them back on buses. Rajasthan CM himself also praised it.”