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Confirmed cases of coronavirus go past 1,334, Bengal & Kerala report more deaths


The total number of the novel coronavirus cases has climbed to 1,334 after fresh cases were recorded on Tuesday morning. The death toll due to COVID-19, meanwhile, stands at 40.

India has seen an increase of over 230 cases in the last 24 hours while the number of active cases is around 1,120 with 101 people either been cured or discharged.

Maharashtra has reported the most deaths (10), followed by Gujarat (6), Karnataka (3) Madhya Pradesh (3), Delhi (2) and Jammu and Kashmir (2). Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh have reported a death each. On Tuesday, another death was reported in Kerala after a 68-year-old died in Thiruvananthapuram. In West Bengal, a woman infected with the coronavirus died at a hospital in West Bengal’s Howrah, taking the total number of COVID-19 deaths to three in the state.

So far, the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases has been reported from Kerala with 234 infections, followed by Maharashtra at 225 which recorded five fresh cases on Tuesday. The number of cases in Delhi, meanwhile, has gone up to 97.

The cases in Karnataka have gone up to 91. Till now, it has increased to 96 in Uttar Pradesh. The number of cases has risen to 77 in Telangana, 70 in Gujarat, 67 in Tamil Nadu while the number of cases in Rajasthan has climbed to 79. It has risen to 49 in Jammu and Kashmir.

Madhya Pradesh has 47 positive patients. Punjab has reported 41 cases, while 36 Covid-19 cases have been detected in Haryana. There are 23 patients in Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal (22), Bihar (15) and Ladakh (13).

Ten cases have been reported from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Chandigarh and Chhattisgarh have recorded 13 cases, while Uttarakhand has reported seven cases. Goa has reported five coronavirus cases, while Himachal Pradesh and Odisha have reported three cases each. Puducherry, Mizoram, and Manipur have reported a case each.

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