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Commission probing gangster Vikas Dubey’s encounter gives clean chit to cops


The commission that was probing the encounter of gangster Vikas Dubey has given a clean chit to the cops, asserting that their version of how the event unfolded was corroborated by evidence. Parliamentary affairs minister Suresh Khanna tabled the report in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly.

Notably, the commission comprised Justice (Retd) BS Chauhan, Justice (Retd) SK Agarwal and former UP Director General of Police KL Gupta. The three-member panel has blamed the poor planning of the cops and the total failure of Kanpur local intelligence that resulted in eight cops getting ambushed in a failed attempt to nab the gangster. A magisterial inquiry conducted by Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Kanpur Nagar has a similar finding.

What the report says

The 824-page report provides: “The evidence adduced in the (Dubey encounter) case supports police’s version of the incident. The injuries suffered by policemen could not be self-inflicted or fabricated. Dr RS Mishra, who was on the panel of doctors, conducted the post-mortem and clarified that the injuries found on his person (Dubey) could be caused as per the version of police.”

“Nobody came forward from the public and media to controvert the police version and no evidence is filed in rebuttal. Richa Dubey, wife of Vikas, filed an affidavit calling the incident a fake encounter but she did not appear before the commission,” it said, adding that in such eventuality, no suspicion or doubt arises about the police’s version of the incident.

“Investigation in any case lodged against them (Vikas Dubey’s gang) was never impartial. Sections relating to serious offences were dropped before filing the chargesheet. During the trial, most of the witnesses turn hostile. Vikas Dubey and his associates got bail orders from courts easily and quickly as there was no serious opposition by state authorities or government advocates,” it added.

“He was involved in 64 criminal cases. State authorities never considered it appropriate to engage a special counsel for his prosecution,” it said, adding the state never moved any application for cancellation of bail or approached a superior court for cancellation of any bail orders.

“There was a total failure of intelligence unit in Kanpur in collecting information about criminal activities and possession of sophisticated weapons (legal and illegal) by Vikas Dubey and his gang. No proper caution was taken while preparing for the raid, as 38/40 police personnel reached village Bikru and none of them was wearing a bulletproof jacket. Only 18 of them had arms, the rest had gone empty-handed or with sticks,” the report said.

The encounter Vikas Dubey

Gangster Vikas Dubey was killed in an encounter after a road accident on July 10, 2020, while being taken to Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh from Madhya Pradesh—where he was arrested a day before, police said. Vikas Dubey snatched the gun of a policeman and tried to run but was surrounded, the police said, asserting that they had tried to get him to surrender.

Just an hour short of Kanpur, the car in which Vikas Dubey was being taken—one of three in the police convoy—overturned on the rain-slicked highway and he tried to escape, the police said. He was shot dead, like many of his accomplices who, according to the police, had also tried to escape from custody.


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