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#Column: Joe Biden’s presidency will benefit the US, the world


Joe Biden will be the next US president. The American people have reiterated their choice in the most powerful democracy of the world. It is said that ‘In a democracy, you get the government you deserve’. The same American voter had voted for Donald Trump too. Trump has caused upheaval not only in the USA but also in the world.

The US president got carried away by being the head of the most powerful military and nation in the world and in his arrogance forgot to mind his words. No president in the US has had such low approval ratings as Trump and this is a reflection of people’s disappointment with him. He has used divisive politics to appeal to one section of the voters.
Trump has given rise to a voter who forgets that America is diverse in its religion, language, and culture. Migrants have come to the US in search of a better life for ages and now have turned Americans. The USA gave them opportunities and they embraced the nation returning the favour manifold.
Trump is one of those who believe in my way or highway. As the president, he has a right to safeguard American interest but to look at immigration and outsourcing from a narrow viewpoint of self-interest is not right.
The violence that the US saw in the last six months is unprecedented, particularly those in which the Blacks were targeted. These factors are what made the US and the world heave a sigh of relief when Trump lost the presidential elections.
Joe Biden’s victory was welcomed by only half of Americans and this is a testimony of how divided Trump has left the USA. Even an aware polity like the US can also pull out a victory for candidates like Trump once in a while.
It is in the US and the world’s interest that Joe Biden is a mature politician who has promised to take everyone along, even those who did not vote for him.
Biden is the senior-most senator to be elected President and has four decades of political experience. Biden who was vice-president during Barack Obama’s term will be beneficial to the US and the world.
Biden, however, inherits several challenges. The US is recording over 1 lakh COVID cases every day and the country has the highest death due to the disease. Biden has the challenge to address the unemployment in the country and help the economy recover. Biden has spoken of giving a 3 trillion dollar stimulus package which can give a boost to the American economy.
He also has the challenge to unite a deeply divided country, thanks to Trump’s lies and vitriolic speeches.
Biden and his vice-president Kamala Harris will have a tough job ahead to ensure that the US remains a multi-religious, multi-racial and multi-ethnic country.
Biden’s great intentions may not pass muster with the Republican-dominated Senate and he will have to be very smart, mature, and accommodative in getting his projects through the Senate.
How the relation between Biden and Senate leader Mitch McConnell pans out will decide the future of the US.
Biden will have to show the US’ strong support for the Paris Climate Agreement on day one of the Senate.
No former presidential candidate has promised a 2 trillion dollar effort to ensure that fuel emission becomes a thing of the past to take his country towards clean energy.
Biden has said that the US will rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement which Trump had gotten out of.
In the coming days, the US is likely to take the lead in reducing pollution and focus on conservation.
There is also the belief that Biden pay put an end to the trade war that Trump began with several other countries.
In this election, the American media also deserves a pat on the back. The media is powerful enough to call out the president’s lies. This is a country where media houses cut short the president’s press conference after he lied about his de…