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#Column: Did CM ignore officials’ suggestions on relaxing Ahmedabad Lockdown?


The major relaxations recently announced for western Ahmedabad during Lockdown 4.0 has come as a surprise to many. This is because there has been no respite in the number of cases and deaths in Ahmedabad.

Sources in the administrations told Gujarat Exclusive that the new team of bureaucrats in Ahmedabad led by Additional Chief Secretary Rajiv Kumar Gupta and new Municipal Commissioner Mukesh Kumar were not in favour of giving too many relaxations in the city as they felt that some more work needs to be done to bring the situation in Ahmedabad under control.

The high fatality rates show that health facilities still need to be ramped up. Authorities are still in the process of streamlining the system. So the new team wanted some more time. The team was of the opinion that the lockdown should be lifted in a phased manner as Ahmedabad is still a sensitive city as far as Covid19 is concerned.

But it seems the higher authorities in the state prevailed over the city administration to open up the western part along with the rest of the state.

This has created a situation in Ahmedabad where there is a possibility of large gatherings happening in the western part. This can be a very dangerous situation when every ward of the city still has active corona patients. New cases also continue to be reported everyday. Also, after a slight slowdown in the fatality rate for a couple of days, suddenly the graph has recurved and more deaths are being reported since the past two days.

(The author is a senior journalist with over two decades of experience covering Gandhinagar, bureaucracy and politics in Gujarat.)

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