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Col Bainsla losing grip on Gujjar community


Col Kirori Singh Bainsla, the ageing Gujjar community’s patriarch, is unhappy with the division in the community’s rank and file.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has created a split in the Gujjar community’s leadership by creating a group of 41 leaders. This group of 41 leaders are independently dealing with the government.

The group managed to get a 14 point agreement done with the government. This parallel-group wants no confrontations with the government. Having learned lessons in the past 14 years, the Gujjars want a peaceful solution.

Gujjars, which is basically a farming community, were given 5 per cent reservation by the Rajasthan government. However, the same was set aside by the court for being in contravention with constitutional provisions.

Col Bainsla projecting his son

Col Bainsla is facing the opposition of the community as he is trying to project his son Vijay Singh Bainsla as the leader of the Gujjar Arakshan Sangharsh Samiti. He is ignoring the claims of all those who for the past 14 years struggled and suffered demanding reservations for the community.

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Col Bainsla’s leaning towards his son forced a number of his trusted men to leave him. Col Bainsla was stunned to see the agitation fizzling out on November 1 only because of a rival group. The rival group claimed that they are individuals who work for the welfare of the Gujjar community. This group of 41 negotiated with the government as Col Bainsla was agitating at Pilupura.

Ashok Gehlot sent a junior minister Ashok Chandana, a Gujjar, to speak to Col Bainsla. In fact, Chandana was sent only to inform Col Bainsala that the group of 41 Gujjar leaders has signed an agreement with the government. It was a hint that he should call off the agitation. But Col Bainsla continued the agitation which entered its third day on Tuesday.

Col Bainsla claims Gujjars are united

Col Bainsla claims that there is no division in the community and the community is united. But, even Col Bainsala’s own supporters feel that the division weakened the agitation and the community now has not one, but multiple leaders.

Col Bainsla has now sent a message to the Rajasthan government that he was ready to talk with the government. But, it’s a move to find a way out to call off the agitation. Though the Gujjar community blocked the rail track between Bayana and Hindaun disrupting the rail traffic, the agitators know that they were agitating in vain and nothing could be achieved unless the Centre decides to amend the ninth schedule of the Constitution.


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