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As coal crisis deepens, states stare at blackout


New Delhi: Amid claims and assurances by the power minister that there is no need to panic, the pinch of depleting coal reserves is being felt across the country, with states staring at the prospect of exhausting their entire stocks in next few days.

On Monday, Maharashtra shut down 13 thermal power units due to its shortage. Just like in Delhi, residents in the state have been asked to use electricity judiciously.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has warned of a blackout in Delhi because of the shortage. He said many CMs had written to the Centre and everyone was working together to improve the situation.

Punjab has started load shedding on rotational basis. PTI quoted a Punjab State Power Corporation official as saying that the plants were left with just five days of coal stock.

Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan Reddy called the situation alarming and sought PM Narendra Modi’s urgent attention in the matter.

In Bihar, Rajasthan and Jharkhand, power cuts of up to 14 hours a day are being witnessed.

A statement from the coal ministry said that the stock at power plants was about 7.2 million tonnes, which was sufficient for four days.



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