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Coaching hub Kota expects students to return from January 18


Coaching institutes in Kota are hopeful that a large number of students will return on January 18 when the coaching hub reopens. After months of closure due to the coronavirus pandemic, the city is expecting a revival from the downturn.

According to locals’ estimates, close to 1.5 lakh students come to Kota every year to prepare for engineering and medical entrance examinations.

Students returning to Kota

After the Rajasthan government permitted the re-opening of the coaching institutes, boys and girls from different parts of the country have started coming. Though, the various coaching institutes are making tall claims stating that some 40,000 students have already come, sources said that some 10,000 students, mostly those who are studying in city’s schools have returned. These students are doing their higher secondary from city schools and they have no option but to return.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, all coaching institutes were forced to close and it left many who were dependent on the coaching institutes jobless.

Coaching centres have become the foundation of Kota’s economy and employment generation, with the classes spawning a network of supporting businesses—hostels, paying guest accommodations, shops, eateries and other hangout spots for the thousands of students who come here every year.

Kota: The coaching hub

The city’s coaching centres have earned high reputation due to their success rates in engineering and medical entrances. The aspirants take admission in these prestigious institutions to realise their dream of becoming a doctor or engineer.

In the past decade, coaching institutes grew like wild mushrooms in Kota. It became like a factory for coaching classes, sidelining every other industry in the city.

Online classes

During the pandemic, several coaching centres started rendering online classes for students. Now, students are accustomed to online classes and many feel that there is no need for opting for classroom coaching and they can continue with online classes.


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