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Close aide of Vikas Dubey killed in an encounter by UP police


Amar Dubey, a close aide of gangster Vikas Dubey, who killed an unprecedented number of eight policemen in Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh in a raid gone wrong to arrest him, was shot in an “encounter” on Wednesday by the Uttar Pradesh police.

Amar Dubey was shot dead in Hamirpur. He was trying to escape to Madhya Pradesh, but gave up the idea due to extensive checking at the border. He then headed toward the house of his relative in the Maudaha area of Hamirpur when he was intercepted by the special task force.

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He was shot dead in the encounter by the special task force and Hamirpur police. Police have recovered a firearm and a bag from Amar. Two policemen were also injured in the encounter.

Vikas Dubey is still at large after the Kanpur encounter. He was reportedly spotted at a hotel in Faridabad on Tuesday, but escaped before the police could close in on him.

Notably, over 25 police teams have been formed to nab the dreaded gangster who is sought in over 60 cases. Some policemen have been also suspended for their alleged link with the gangster and for tipping him about the impending raid.

Dubey, a dreaded gangster wanted for murder and extortion, had links with every political party, and even though a huge manhunt has been launched, he is still free six days after the barbaric killings.

Absconding gangster Vikas Dubey spotted in a hotel in Faridabad