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Civil polls will be a challenge for Rajasthan Congress


The civic poll for the 90 local bodies of Rajasthan will be a big challenge for the ruling Congress party. The campaigning for the 90 local bodies ended on Tuesday as the elections are due on January 28. The election results are due on January 31. In all, 9,930 candidates are contesting from the 2,985 wards. Fifty candidates, mostly from Congress have been declared winners unopposed.

The notification for the election of the chairpersons will be issued on February 1 and after the process of nomination and withdrawal, the elections for chairperson will be held on February 7 and for the vice-chairpersons a day later.

Assembly bypolls

Out of the 90 local bodies, five comes under the four Vidhan Sabha constituencies where the bye-elections are due. Out of the four Vidhan Sabha constituencies, three constituencies had Congress candidates as winners.

The four Vidhan Sabha elections in the state will be held because of the demise of the sitting MLAs. The Sahara constituency in Bhilwara district was held by Kailash Trivedi of Congress, Sujangarh in Churu district by held by minister Bhanwar Lal Meghwal, Vallabhnagar in Udaipur district by Gajendra Singh Shaktawat and the Rajsamand constituency was held by the BJP’s Kiran Maheshwari.

Under these constituencies falls the Gulabpura local body, a part of Sahara Vidhan Sabha constituency; Sujangarh municipal council and Bidasar municipality both part of the Sujangarh Vidhan Sabha constituency; Bhinder municipality under Vallabhnagar; and Rajsamand municipal council.

BJP ahead of Congress

The BJP is ahead of the ruling Congress as the party is keen to regain the Sahara, Sujangarh and Vallabhnagar Vidhan sabha seats, while its endeavour would be to retain the Rajsamand seat that was won by Kiran Maheshwari. The BJP has started campaigning in these constituencies, although the election commission is yet to announce the dates for the bye-elections. But it is expected that the elections will be held anytime in March.

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The Congress is yet to start its campaigning in the four Vidhan Sabha seats which are being referred to as a mini referendum on the Ashok Gehlot government.

The civic poll will be held on Thursday and the BJP has asked seven of its Lok Sabha members to actively campaign for the civic body elections which would set the tone for the Vidhan Sabha bye-elections.

30 lakh voters for 2,985 wards

In the 90 local bodies, there are 2985 wards and 30 lakh voters would cast their votes. Each ward has a little over 1,000 voters.

The Congress has opted not to give symbols in 300 out of 2985 wards. In these 300 wards, a large number of Congress party workers are contesting as Independents and the Congress as a part of the strategy would form its governing board with the support of the Independents. In the formation of the governing boards, the Congress as the ruling party enjoys an edge and in the first phase of the municipal poll, the Congress managed to form its boards with the help of the Independents.


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