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Civic body elections: Most corporators spent their grants on boards, benches & tree guards!


As six municipal corporations in Gujarat head for civic body polls on February 21, the questions citizens need to ask is how have corporators performed during their term. Details sought by Jagrut Yuva Seva Samiti have found that most of the grants given to corporators were spent on benches and tree guards.

A lot of the grant has also been spent on putting up name boards announcing the name of residential societies.

In fact, during the year 2019-20, Rs10 crore grants given to corporators were spent on putting up such boards. The Jagrut Yuva Seva Samitis has through its efforts managed to ensure that all six municipal corporations put up details of their budget in a simplified way on their respective websites so that it can be accessed by the citizens.

Needless to say that the grants are given to corporators through the tax payers money and the corporators have used the grants for their advertisements. This is because the boards, tree guards, and even benches have names of corporators on them.

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Santosh Rathod of Jagrut Yuvak Seva Samiti said they carried out an audit of the development work carried out by corporators which among other things analysed how the corporators utilised the grant given to them in 2019-20.

In the year 2019-20, Rs27.5 lakh of the budget was given to each corporator.

Through RTI the organisation got details of the 176 corporators from six zones in the city. In all, the city is divided into seven zones. The RTI also sought the money that corporators spent on getting benches and tree guards and boards for societies.

In all, the corporators spent Rs3.5 crore for benches and Rs6.27 crore on society’s boards.

Interestingly, despite the rule that corporators can spend only 10% of the total grant given to them for benches, almost all the corporators have exceeded the limit.

What is interesting is that the corporators spent money on putting up boards in societies despite the societies already having such nameplate boards (see pic).

Wards where corporators spent maximum on boards

Ward Name Budget in Rs
Nava Vadaj 56,00,000
Navrangpura 46,02,000
Khokhra 38,50,000
Vasna 31,25,000
Chandkheda 30,67,000
Sabarmati 31,33,971
Thakkarbapanagar  25,75,000

Corporators who spent more than 10% of allocated grants for boards

Corporators name Grant given 
Dhanjibhai Prajapati 6,50,000
Renukaben Patel 4,75,000
Bhavnaben Patel 4,00,000
Dinesh Desai 4,50,000
Jyotsna Patel 4,00,000
Suresh Patel 4,50,000
Vasanti Patel 4,25,000
Jashodaben Thakor 3,00,000
Dashrath Vaghela 3,00,000
Urvashibben Tiwari 3,43,000
Kanchan Panjwani 3,00,000



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