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Ahmedabad city Congress chief’s brother, Rakshit Patel, threatens woman after encroaching on her land


Near and dear ones of politicians continue to flout court orders with impunity, secure in the belief that their ‘closeness’ to those in power will help them.

A prime example of this is Rakshit Patel, brother of Ahmedabad City Congress president Shashikant Bhuro. Patel has twice lost a case against Niruben whose land he encroached upon and refuses to give it to the rightful owner.

Niruben has alleged that when she and her family tried to get on the land, Rakshit Patel allegedly threatened her of dire consequence. He threatened to kill her if she so much as dared to step on the land.

What is the case

As per the case details, the land belongs to Niruben’s father but Rakshit Patel allegedly used fake documents to encroach upon it as his own. Niruben moved the court and after a prolonged battle she won the case but Rakshit Patel refuses to budge from the land.

Those in the know said Rakshit Patel’s blatant disregard for the court’s order comes from the fact that he is the brother of a prominent local Congress leader.

Interestingly, Rakshit Patel’s threat to the woman comes at a time when Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi are busy trying to get justice for the Hathras gangrape victim.

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Niruben files complaint against Rakshit Patel

Niruben in a complaint with the Vastrapur local police said that city Congress president Shahsikhant Bhura’s brother Rakshit Patel had threatened to kill her and her family if she stepped on her land.

This threat she said, came even though the court had ruled in her favour and said the land belonged to her. She said Patel and his goons had got a fake will and sales deed for the land and had lost the case twice in court.

How the matter panned out in court

Niruben has alleged that City Congress president Shahsihakht Bhura’s brother Rakship Patel made a fake will of Ranchobhai Motibhai and based on it he got the land registered in his name on March 19, 2003. He then took possession of the land.

The administrators and executors of the will – Jayant Patel and Anubhai Shoradlal had called the will a fake one and had moved the court against them. The court ruled in favour of Jayant Patel.

Rakshit had appealed against the verdict in 2015 and the additional session judge had on September 11, 2018, had in a ruling stated that the will concerning Bodakdev land with survey number 214-1 of 1720 sq mt was fake and that the sale made to Rakshit Patel in 2003 for Rs3 lakh was not legal.


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