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Chuni Gajera case: Complainant accused of Rs11 lakh extortion


A teacher in Surat had filed a complaint accusing well-known industrialist Chuni Gajera of outraging her modesty and making obscene gestures at her.

Now a cross-complaint has been filed in the case by the school principal Shweta Parihar accusing the teacher of extorting Rs11 lakh from them by threatening to defame them.


The complaint alleges that the former teacher, who was an employee of the school in which Gajera is a trustee, threatened to defame the school, the management and the trustees after being fired from her job. She extorted Rs11 lakh from the trustees by threatening to defame them.

She filed the complaint against Gajera after they refused to cave-in to another demand for Rs5 lakh. The complaint was filed with the Adajan Police station.

The complaint further states that the school received several complaints against the teacher from both students and their parents. It said the school gave the teacher opportunities to improve but she made no progress. As a result the schools as forced to ask her to leave.

The teacher then resigned and then between March 2019 to up till now she tried to extort money from the management and succeeded to get Rs11 lakh. She continued to demand more money and also threatened to harm them.

What is the Chuni Gajera case?

A former teacher of a school in which Chuni Gajera is a trustee has accused him of sending her obscene texts and messages. She said initially the messages were harmless. Later on, the messages turned dirty including some indecent pictures.

The woman alleged that despite her resistance Gajera continued to harass her. Later she was fired from her job allegedly for resisting his advances.

She has further said that after being fired, Gajera called her to his office. He then proceeded to unzip his pants and show her his private parts. When she tried to escape he tried to nab her but failed.

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