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As new cases emerge, China’s Wuhan to test all for Covid-19


Wuhan: With cases of Covid-19 resurfacing in China amid rapid spread of the Delta variant, Wuhan, where the first cases had been reported, will be testing all its residents for the infection. The decision on Tuesday comes a day after seven cases were reported in the city.

“The city of 11 million is swiftly launching comprehensive nucleic acid testing of all residents,” said senior official Li Tao at a press conference.

After an initial outbreak in late 2019, several places across China had remained free of the coronavirus for several months. However, now cases have started rising, with the Delta variant

Travel restrictions have been imposed in Wuhan, Beijing, Nanjing and Zhangjiajie with the virus covering half of China in just two weeks.

So far, China has been successful in preventing major flare-ups since after the initial outbreak, thanks to its aggressive response to emergence of cases over the last year. This includes contact tracing, quarantine and targeted lockdowns.


‘Pandemic came from virus from Wuhan lab’

All evidence found during investigation into the emergence of the coronavirus leads to Wuhan Institute of Virology, a US report has said.

The report based on investigation by the US House of Representatives Republicans was released on Monday by lawmaker Michael McCaul.

The report, which is based on open-source material and draws conclusions from circumstantial reporting, expressed concern at the controversial medical research being conducted in in unsafe environment.



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