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China reports 15 new cases, 11 of which are asymptomatic


China has reported 15 new covid19 cases, including 11 asymptomatic ones on Friday. With this, the total number of coronavirus infections in the country has touched 82,933.

Chinese media reported that four new confirmed cases were reported from Jilin province, all of which were locally transmitted. Among the new cases, 11 are asymptomatic infections. With this the total number of such cases has gone up to 619, including 492 in its first Covid19 epicentre Wuhan. Jilin is already under a strict lockdown to control the spread of the disease.

Wuhan, which was the epicentre earlier, has reported six new confirmed cases earlier week, as a result of which the government has decided to test over 11 million of its population. The city has, however, not reported any cases on Friday. With new cases emerging, there is a fear that a second wave of infection is in the anvil.

China opened up the country fully after the coronavirus cases declined including businesses and factories. It has also allowed intercity travel for those who carry a Covid19 health certificate. In all 4,633 people have died in the country due to the disease and the total number of such cases is 82,933, including 91 patients still undergoing treatment.