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China closes makeshift hospital constructed in 10 days after coronavirus cases decline


A makeshift hospital which was constructed in flat 10 days to handle the coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan has been closed down by the Chinese authorities. The hospital was among the 16 structures constructed in a hurry to tackle the inflow of new cases.

The news of the closure coincided with a sharp fall in the new cases being reported from the Hubei province and its provincial capital Wuhan. Notably, less than 200 cases of new infections have been reported from the city for the first time ever since the virus spread its tentacles in the Chinese province. However, the country is on alert as Chinese nationals returning home are testing positive for the virus.

According to the National Health Commission, 196 new confirmed cases were reported from Hubei on Sunday, the lowest since January 24 and a sharp decline from the around 570 cases reported a day earlier. Apart from the new infections in Hubei, only six new cases have been reported from mainland China.

Till Sunday, 80,026 confirmed cases of the deadly virus have been reported from China resulting in a death of 2,912 people. According to state broadcaster CCTV, the makeshift hospital was closed in line with the falling number of new cases and after it discharged the last batch of 34 recovered patients. In order to tackle the epidemic, Wuhan has added 13,000 beds by constructing 16 makeshift hospitals and treated around 12,000 people so far.

With the decline in the new cases of the virus, eighteen provinces across China have lowered their emergency response level in the past week. However, Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday said the country needs to take a long-term view of the outbreak and plug the loopholes in its laws and emergency response mechanisms.

Meanwhile, the death toll from an outbreak of coronavirus in Italy has increased to 34 on Sunday. The virus has already spread to over 60 countries with multiple deaths being reported from several countries.